Frederick Law Olmsted Lives!

“It is good, big work I have in hand!”     Frederick Law Olmsted at the start of his work with United States Sanitary Commission, the forerunner of the American Red Cross.  He was its field superintendent during the peninsular campaign for the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

Frederick Law Olmsted, Kirk R. Brown, Landscape Architect, Keynote Speaker, Horticultural Designer

Taking long walks, rambling, has been a life-long activity for me. There has never been a forest, stream, mountain, or field that has not called to me to investigate, measure and redesign.

“I was active, imaginative, impulsive, enterprising, trustful and heedless.  This made me troublesome and mischievous.”     —Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick Law Omsted, Kirk R. Brown, Biltmore, Landscape Architect, Keynote Speaker

Olmsted in the formal allee at Biltmore.

“From this gentleman’s practical training as an agriculturist, His horticultural writings, His talents and character we believe him eminently qualified for the duties of the office of Superintendent of The Central Park New York.”     —Washington Irving, and the members of search committee.

“I’m 36 and starting a new career.”     Frederick Law Olmsted at the start of his employment on the Central Park Project.

Kirk R. Brown, Frederick Law Olmsted, Landscape Architect, Keynote Speaker

Olmsted never tires of his countryside rambles. All of them are differing views to his unique perception of nature.

“It is one great purpose of the park to supply to the hundreds of thousands of tired workers a specimen of God’s handiwork that shall be to them what a month or two in the White Mountains is to those in easier circumstances.”    Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick Law Olmsted, Kirk R. Brown, Garden Clubs of New York, Colonial Dames of America

Frederick Law Olmsted at the Garden Clubs of New York

“Let us not seek for present delight, nor for present use alone.  Let us seek such work as our descendants will thank us for.”    —Frederick Law Olmsted